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Simply talk about the importance of Excavator Bucket teeth

hits:3992    date:2015-07-21

Have to say, Excavator Bucket Tooth is one of the components of the excavator equipment easiest depletion, and its shape is like a person's teeth, is a combination of teeth and tooth tip from the seat, which is the easiest partial failure, and therefore the focus of daily maintenance process needs to be taken seriously.

So, in the end excavator bucket teeth is how to classify it? Under normal circumstances, depending on the use environment, excavator bucket teeth can be divided into the rock teeth, conical teeth, and so on, they are suitable for the environment is a significant difference :

1 rock teeth
This is a relatively large number of applications, often need iron ore for mining, quarry and other environments.

2 conical teeth
This type of bucket teeth basically been widely used in mining coal.

3 earthwork teeth
This bucket teeth use environment for sand and dirt and other places, is more of a demand.
With the growing development, the type and function of bucket teeth become more abundant, has gradually expanded the scope of application, while increasing productivity is an important motivating factor.

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