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How to recovery the battered tooth pin?

hits:2998    date:2015-12-24

  If the komatsu bucket teeth pins had the abrasion damages, firstly, operators need to cut off the whole abrasion komatsu bucket teeth pins part form the excavator bucket position, the use the angle grind machine to carefully grinding the tooth pin installation position, need to ensure there are no soil dirt and rusts, also need to ensure the surface has no tiny small cracks flaws; to the waited weld komatsu bucket teeth pins position, operator can use the carbon arc to make out one groove, then use the angle grinding machine to clean up it later.

  On the excavator bucket part, komatsu bucket teeth pins supplier suggests operator choose the right welding rod to provide the bead welding process on the bucket tooth joints parts, they need to ensure the welding electric current is very big but the welding speed is slow, to ensure the nickle contents among the bond area can meet up with the production standard requirement.

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