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How to reinforce the based board?

hits:2774    date:2015-12-23

  One of the professional komatsu bucket teeth pins supplier indicate that the reinforce process to the based board is very important and necessary, as longs as the paint, which coating on the new machine based board reinforce ribs had been fully grind off, the time is about seven days, then its time to provide the reinforce process to the based board, because it can guarantee the best welding performance. komatsu bucket teeth pins supplier suggests people to choose the harden and higher resistance abrasion long length shape plate materials as the raw materials for the based board reinforce ribs, because it not only can protect the whole shape for excavator bucket, but also never influence the cutting angle and production capacity.

  To the excavator bucket, komatsu bucket teeth pins supplier said it also need to provided the reinforce process, for example, then also can use the harden bead welding method to protect the excavator bucket been damaged and hurt.

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