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How to reinforce the side board and side edge?

hits:2846    date:2015-12-22

  If there are some serious abrasion damages happen on the side board, it will causes the whole efficiency bucket capacity for komatsu bucket teeth pins had been reduced, so it will directly influence the construction efficiency. The other function for komatsu bucket teeth pins is help to cut and enter the materials as well, so all of the excavator bucket had to install one komatsu bucket teeth pins. But because the side edge belongs to the high abrasion zones, so people need to reinforce to these position and ensure it would never influence the whole bucket’ quantity.

  To the internal surface for komatsu bucket teeth pins, operators can choose to use the harden surface bead welding method to achieve the reinforce goal. Even though the welding methods needs to costs more time, but because it had adopts the best welding rod, which resistance abrasion performance and effectiveness is the best and strongest.

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