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Hidden inside the bucket teeth industry introduced many problems

hits:3648    date:2015-07-21

For any industry, they are bound to experience a lot of detours, not really some wind along, which is a well known understanding. Here, we wish to fight tooth products as the most important clues to the necessary understanding.

It is as important a part in the engineering industry is a very critical part, should not sloppy. Many problems existing in respect of the industry point of view, or can simply be divided into the following points: First, with the innovation capability is weak, the relevant technology is difficult compared with foreign companies. Secondly, in many key technologies and equipment still needs to be met through imports way, this is no way to do, there is unrest. Finally, on the economic growth mode is really inadequate, mainly to the extensive main.

Faced with such a complex domestic situation, the change we need to face is more illusory anyway, or do a little summary of the analysis: First, for raw material prices, RMB appreciation and many other issues to keep the right attitude to be hindered. Second, due to the unstable financial situation, making a lot of small businesses in a serious financing problems, which led them difficult to have enough money to achieve turnover, so making a number of manufacturers have closed down.

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