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Packing degree of the sand mold should has a very high precision

hits:3046    date:2015-11-24

  During the casting mold filling period, to prevent the China bucket tooth pin has the sand burnt phenomenon, production manufacturer need to ensure the packing degree of the sand mold has a very high precision, or at the sand burnt position, the sand mold would can’t be compaction, so before the pouring period, China bucket tooth pin production manufacturer suggests to carefully check each sand mold, to ensure and enhance the compactness degree and compact uniformity ability of the casting mold.

  To some special and hard positions, such as the corner positions, production manufacturer also need to ensure the good packing degree, for example, the packing degree of the sand mold should be equal or bigger than eighty five and it need has a very good uniformity, so the gap between eacj sand grains would be very small, especially to the recovery position of the China bucket tooth pin, its packing degree should be very high.

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