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How to prevent teeth pin has the sand burnt problem?

hits:3024    date:2015-11-21

  When we pouring the China bucket tooth pin, if the operating method is not very suitable, then the China bucket tooth pin would easy to has the sand burnt phenomenon, so how to prevent the sand burnt phenomenon happen on the bucket teeth pin product? The professional production manufacturer will give a right solve method in the next article:

  Compared with the cast iron, the cast steel need a higher temperature during the pouring period, sometimes, its temperature can be range from one thousand five hundred sixty to one thousand six hundred and twenty degrees, the main role is to prevent the cast steel working piece has the cold shut problem, besides, the higher temperature also means the total heating effect time of the sand mold is longer too, so it will produce a bigger scouring force to the casting mold. The total amount of the sand cavity sand can’t be too much, or the thin sand and the dusts would can’t be fully discharge out.

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