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During the deformation period, we need continue impose pressure to metal liquid

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  To guarantee the production efficiency, more and more production manufacturers choose to use the squeeze casting method to produce the Bofor bucket tooth pin products, the reason is because compared with the other two production methods, the squeeze casting method can ensure all of the Bofor bucket tooth pin products are in high quality. But during the deformation period, production manufacturers need to continue impose the pressure to metal liquid, to ensure the metal liquid can be solid with a very fast speed, and the crystal grains has a very good refine degree.

  So under the pressure condition, the crystals can be solid too, use this way can ensure the Bofor bucket tooth pin has a very high compactness property; besides, people don’t need to use the big casting head to ensure the metal liquid can’t be fully solid, so use this way, can prevent the Bofor bucket tooth pin has the shrink hole and loss flaws.

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