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Harden property of high manganese steel is very excellent

hits:3463    date:2015-11-07

  Generally speaking, the excellent production harden property is the main character of the high manganese steel, especially when we use this raw material to produce the bucket tooth pin products, because when the high manganese bucket tooth pin suffer the strong impact, its surface can be harden with a very fast speed, and its hardness degree can be change from one hundred seventy to two hundred twenty five to four hundred fifty and five hundred fifty, but to the center part of the high manganese bucket tooth pin, it still maintain its original hardness.

  Besides, bucket tooth pin production manufacturer attention that compared with the other materials, the other special character for the high manganese steel is the high impact toughness property, but the yield strength of the high manganese bucket tooth pin is not very high, so under the effect of outside power, the bucket tooth pin would easy to deformation.

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