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Excavator tooth pin and rubber manufacturer introduces rubber track

hits:2105    date:2019-11-04

  Excavator tooth pin and rubber manufacturer introduction belt is a part of many mechanical vehicles, and there are many kinds of materials for the belt, but the most used material is rubber. The general belt is a flexible link that is driven by the driving wheel and surrounds the driving wheel, the road wheel, the inducer wheel and the carrier pulley.

bucket tooth pin

  Excavator tooth pin and rubber manufacturer Science Tracks consists of track shoes and track pins. The track pin connects the track shoes to form a track link. The track shoes have holes at both ends that engage the drive wheels and have inducing teeth in the middle to regulate the track and prevent the track from falling off when the tank is turning or rolling.

  On the side in contact with the ground, there are reinforced anti-slip ribs to improve the sturdiness of the track shoes and the adhesion of the track to the ground. The rubber track has lighter weight, less vibration impact, lower noise, better ground performance, and is not easy to damage urban roads. It is more suitable for the complexity of urban construction than the track of steel track.

  Both the rubber track and the steel track are composed of a guide wheel, a drive wheel, a track and a walking frame, and the rubber track is a continuous track that is pressed by a rubber film. Excavator tooth pin and rubber manufacturer tells you that it is internally reinforced with a number of steel wire ropes, with spurs on the outside and transmission parts on the inside. The rubber track adopts a convex tooth shape, which can effectively reduce the fatigue damage of the track during the working process.

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