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Bofor bucket tooth pin manufacturer introduces the excavator to pay attention when digging trenches

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  Excavator trenching work seems to be very simple, it is necessary to dig a good ditch also requires a high level of technology. There are two basic requirements for trenching. One is “straight” and the other is “shun”. “Straight” means that the route of the ditch is correctly dug out according to the specified requirements. Bofor bucket tooth pin manufacturer Introduction The general site will draw the route of the ditch on the ground with white lime.

bucket tooth pin

  Bofor bucket tooth pin manufacturer introduces the center of the excavator to align the lime line for trenching. The middle bucket of the bucket is aligned with the lime line for excavation. The route of the ditch is not wrong. When you dig trenches, you must first go smoothly. “Shun” means that the bottom of the ditch should be smooth and the slope should be controlled as required. A lot of drivers can't see the height of the bottom of the ditch, so they should get off the bus or ask the construction workers to measure through the instrument. When the ditch reaches a certain depth, the slope should be dug out on both sides of the ditch to prevent collapse. This slope is usually pinned out by the side blades on both sides of the bucket.

  Bofor bucket tooth pin manufacturer tells you that in fact, more often, there will be no space for the rotation of the tail of the excavator due to the site, so many excavators cannot be completed. In this case, when digging near the building, if the ditch to be dug is not very deep, the excavator can be placed closest to the building and larger than the rear rotation range.

  In addition, the manufacturer also reminds everyone that although the digging direction of the bucket and the direction of the ditch will have an angle, when digging the trench, the abc line of one side of the ditch can only be used to locate the ditch, and then try to control the ditch. The width.

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