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China bucket tooth pin manufacturer tells the user that the bucket is very helpful for the leveling of the excavator

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  When the excavator is working in daily work, there will always be leveling operations. Some construction sites have higher requirements for leveling, and even leveling is used as a criterion for judging the poor technical skills of drivers. China bucket tooth pin manufacturer's introduction is different from brush slopes, because brush slopes require high quality conditions that are not common.

bucket tooth pin

  The working conditions of the leveling operation are adapted from a small scope or a wide range, and the leveling of the site is not bad. It is not only limited to the working conditions, but also the operation of the excavator driver. Why can someone else take two hours? Leveling, and I need a morning time? Next, let's talk about some tips for excavator leveling.

  China bucket tooth pin manufacturer first wants to talk about the use of the bucket, when it comes to the method, you have to talk about the use of the bucket first, because the excavator leveling work is mainly through the bucket to contact the material for leveling, there is leveling abroad Special buckets for work are also available in China, but they are rare.

  China bucket tooth pin manufacturer introduces the special bucket for leveling. It is also very helpful: because there is no fitting tooth, such bucket is more suitable for the excavation and leveling of soft soil and materials. The qualified owner can modify it by himself. Class-specific buckets. Everyone knows that the bucket needs to be turned over during the leveling operation, the bucket teeth are downward, and the large and small arms are operated. The range of the arm movement range is controlled within 45°, and the excavation depth of the bucket teeth is required to meet the requirements of the construction party. depth.

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