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Lliebherr excavator lock pins manufacturer introduces the choice of tooth type is very important

hits:2081    date:2019-10-24

  Lliebherr excavator lock pins manufacturer has to say that the tooth is the terminal of the excavator work device. During the excavation work, the tooth is the most loaded working part, which is a consumable part, especially in the stone construction environment, the tooth wear speed Especially fast. The use of the teeth is good or bad, in fact, it can directly affect the work efficiency and production cost of the excavator.

bucket tooth pin

  Since the excavator teeth are so important to the excavator, it is also crucial in the choice of the excavator's teeth. @Manufacturers tell the excavator users to pay attention to the excavator teeth, especially the excavator. The choice of the tooth model, because the wrong choice of the model of the excavator teeth will affect the working process of the entire excavator.

  Lliebherr excavator lock pins manufacturer tells everyone how to choose the right type of tooth. In the process of use, the teeth should look at the working environment, to determine the specific type of tooth, generally excavation, weathered sand, surface coal, etc. should use flat head teeth. For the hard rock with block shape, the RC type of tooth is used. For the block coal seam, the TL type tooth is generally used, and the TL tooth can increase the coal output rate.

  In actual use, users often prefer general RC type tooth, liebherr excavator lock pins recommended is not a special case, generally do not use RC type tooth, it is best to use flat head tooth, because RC type tooth is worn after a period of time, like "fist" plus The excavation resistance is a waste of power, and the flat mouth teeth always maintain a sharp surface during the wear process, reducing the excavation resistance and saving fuel.

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