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Caterpillar bucket teeth pins manufacturer explains some analysis of tooth failure

hits:2309    date:2019-10-23

  Caterpillar bucket teeth pins manufacturer explains the failure mode of the tooth: the degree of wear of the tooth under different working conditions and environment is different, and the damage suffered by different degrees of impact is also different. The normal operation of the teeth can only be used for three days, which is not desirable from the economic point of view or from the point of use.

bucket tooth pin

  Caterpillar bucket teeth pins manufacturer makes this failure analysis to everyone: from the aspect of force analysis, the force area of the tooth is in contact with the excavated object, and the force is different in different working stages in a complete excavation process. When the tip of the tooth first contacts the surface of the material, the tip of the tip is subjected to a strong impact due to the faster speed. If the yield strength of the teeth is low, plastic deformation will occur at the tip. As the depth of the excavation increases, the force on the teeth will change.

  From the analysis of the work situation, the Caterpillar bucket teeth pins manufacturer can also give the user some conclusions. When the tooth cuts the material, the tooth moves relative to the material, and a large positive pressing force is generated on the surface, so that the force area and material in the tooth are generated. A large amount of friction is generated between them.

  If the material is hard rock, concrete, etc., the friction will be very large. Under the action of repeated processes, different degrees of surface wear occur on the tooth working face, which results in a furrow with a deeper depth. From the above analysis, Caterpillar bucket teeth pins manufacturer can judge that the positive pressure and friction are the main external mechanical factors of the tooth failure, and play a major role in the process of failure.

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