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Komatsu bucket teeth manufacturer describes the cause of tooth damage

hits:2189    date:2019-10-22

  The bucket is one of the main components of the excavator work device. In normal use, you should try to choose some good wisdom and brand protection, Komatsu bucket teeth is a good choice. However, during the excavation operation, the working conditions of the teeth are very bad because the working objects of the teeth are ore, rock or soil. This causes the tooth and the tooth pin to be easily damaged.

bucket tooth pin

  In the excavation work, the teeth are not only subjected to sliding wear but also subjected to a certain impact load, which greatly shortens the service life of the teeth. Damage to the tooth not only causes material waste and economic loss, but also directly affects the production schedule. Komatsu bucket teeth manufacturer and everyone introduces the cause of tooth damage: the various working faces of the teeth are in contact with the excavated objects during the excavation work, and the stress conditions are different at different working stages in the excavation process.

  Komatsu bucket teeth manufacturer tells you that the most common is that when the tip of the tooth first comes into contact with the surface of the material, the tip of the tooth will be subjected to a strong impact load due to the faster speed. If the yield strength of the tooth material is low, plastic deformation occurs at the tip. As the depth of the excavation increases, the force on the teeth will change.

  When the tooth cuts the material, the relative movement between the tooth and the material occurs, and a large squeeze is generated on the surface, thereby generating a large friction between the tooth working surface and the material. Therefore, Komatsu bucket teeth I think that the quality of the wear layer on the surface of the tooth directly affects the length of the life of the tooth.

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