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Bucket teeth pins manufacturer science bucket material and its weldability

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  Bucket teeth pins manufacturer tells you that not only need to prepare some materials, but also some preparation before welding, before preparing for welding. The first thing to say is that the weld must be cleaned before welding. It is to remove the original cracked welding meat, use a cross-grinding machine to grind or use carbon arc gouging under certain conditions, but the iron oxide must be polished after shaving.

bucket tooth pin

  Bucket teeth pins manufacturer describes a certain preheating before welding. It is also necessary to preheat 100 degrees at the welding location if possible. Then, after welding with the electrode, the welding will stop for a while, and the weld and the edge of the weld will be struck with a hammer. After the welding is completed, the hammer will be hit until the weld is basically cooled. The purpose is to release the welding stress because it is impossible to do the heat treatment after welding.

  Bucket teeth pins manufacturer tells you that it is important to choose the right solder material for soldering. The electrode type is important. If you want to understand what material you have to take some iron foam test, one test will come out, and then according to the distribution electrode.

  In addition, the bucket teeth pins manufacturer reminds everyone that the excavator body and the tooth must be welded to ensure penetration, and it must be ensured during welding. This is very important because it can better guarantee the welding result if the weld position The gap can be large and the back plate can be added inside.

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