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Bucket tooth pin manufacturer and everyone said how long the excavator teeth change

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  Tooth and bucket tooth pin are the key parts on the excavator and the most vulnerable parts. The tooth is the tooth of the excavator. Just like a person can't eat without teeth, the excavator can't dig out the item once it has no teeth. The most important thing about a tooth is wear.

bucket tooth pin

  The teeth and bucket tooth pin are not wearable, and most of them are bought inferior goods. Inferior teeth work can not meet the construction requirements, although the appearance is similar, the quality is different. How should we judge whether it is inferior? Do you have to understand the replacement cycle of the tooth?

  The replacement period of the tooth is determined according to the construction environment and the degree of wear of the tooth. For example, the excavator always does the earthwork, so the wear of the tooth is relatively small, and it is usually replaced once every 4 to 5 months. .

  If it is a rock type bucket, the frequency of replacing the teeth is faster. Like a granite, it usually takes about a week to replace the teeth and bucket tooth pin, of course, this cycle is not certain. The quality of the teeth and the degree of care used determine the frequency of replacement.

  When the tip end portion of the tooth is worn more seriously, the force required by the excavator to cut in the excavation work is inevitably greatly increased, thereby generating greater fuel consumption and affecting work efficiency. Therefore, the bucket tooth pin manufacturer reminds everyone that it is necessary to replace the new tooth in time when it is checked that the tooth loss is serious.

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