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Liebherr excavator lock pins manufacturer introduces security issues must pay attention to

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  Liebherr excavator lock pins manufacturers believe that everyone knows that excavator operation safety protection measures are very important. Excavator construction efficiency is very high, but safe operation is the premise, and every detail is very important. Here are the safety protection measures for excavators and the explanations.

bucket tooth pin

  In addition to Liebherr excavator lock pins is a way to protect the safety of excavators, of course, there are many other ways to protect the excavator transfer site, using flatbed trailers. When special circumstances need to be transferred by themselves, the weight should be removed, and the boom and bucket slewing mechanism should be in the braking position and fixed by insurance. The walking mechanism is inspected and lubricated every 500 to 1000 m. If the excavator is walking and the work site is soft, the cushion should be padded with a sleeper or a pad. The swamp area must first be treated as a roadbed or replaced with a dedicated track shoe.

  Liebherr excavator lock pins manufacturer tells you that when the excavator is working on the shovel, in addition to loose soil, the working surface should not exceed the maximum excavation height and depth specified by the performance of the machine. During operation, the excavator's track should be at least 1 to 1.5 m away from the edge of the work surface. Check the working device, the traveling mechanism, the various safety protection devices, the hydraulic transmission components and the electrical devices before starting, and confirm that they are fully intact before starting. There should be no pedestrians and obstacles in the work area. Before the excavation, the first sound should be heard, and the test should be dig several times to confirm the normal operation before starting the operation.

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