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With the reducer of the temperature, the viscosity of metal liquid would increased

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  When production manufacturers produce the ESCO bucket tooth pin products,they need to prepare some mold products to form the shape of the ESCO bucket tooth pin first, then they also need to choose the high quality metal material and melting them into the metal liquid, so after the metal liquid flow into the inside of the mold, after several hours later, the shape of the ESCO bucket tooth pin would formed, but if all of the air can’t be discharge out, then on the surface of ESCO bucket tooth pin would has some small air holes.

  The main reason is because that if the temperature of the metal liquid has become smaller, its viscosity would increased at the same time, so after the viscosity had been increase to a curtain degree, the floating speed of the air ball change into zero, the air ball would stop floating and leave out in the metal liquid ans formed into some air holes.

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