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Need to pay attention when using Komatsu bucket teeth

hits:2285    date:2019-10-07

  Komatsu bucket teeth manufacturer tells the user that the tooth is the terminal of the excavator's working device. During the excavation work, the tooth is the most loaded working part, which is a consumable part, especially in the stone construction environment, the tooth wear speed is extremely fast. . In addition to the exhaust wear of the excavator is more serious, in fact, the tooth pin is the same.

bucket tooth pin

  The use of the tooth pin and the tooth like Komatsu bucket teeth is good or bad, but it can directly affect the work efficiency and production cost of the excavator. Imagine that when the tip of the tooth is worn more seriously, the excavator is digging. The amount of force required to cut in during work must be greatly increased, resulting in greater fuel consumption and impact on work efficiency. Therefore, when it is checked that the tooth loss is serious, it is necessary to replace the new tooth in time.

  Komatsu bucket teeth manufacturer tells the user that in the daily maintenance work of the excavator, the user checks the fuel, lubricant, water and air every day, then it can reduce the machine's 70% failure, if you want your love machine to work in daily life. In the middle of the better, plus the economy, then take 2 minutes a day to check the bucket. The main inspection contents are: the bucket body is worn and cracked. If the degree of wear is serious, it should be considered for reinforcement.

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