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Excavator bucket tooth pin and retainer manufacturer introduces the rational use of tooth

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  With the use of excavators, the loss of the teeth of the excavator is also constantly increasing. What should be done when using the excavator in order to use the excavator teeth more effectively? Excavator bucket tooth pin and retainer manufacturers think that the most important thing is Choose the right one.

bucket tooth pin

  Excavator bucket tooth pin and retainer manufacturer believe that everyone knows the importance of the excavator teeth is self-evident, so you should pay more attention when using it, you must take the correct measures, so that the use of the excavator will be normal. So, how to use the excavator teeth is correct? Here is a brief introduction. The correct choice: the use of the excavator teeth should first be the right choice, and the determination of the material needs to be carried out according to the environment, in order to better ensure the correct choice.

  Excavator bucket tooth pin and retainer manufacturer's introduction also needs attention in terms of angle: the excavator driver should pay attention to the angle operation during excavation. When mastering the excavation, it should be mastered when the bucket is digging, perpendicular to the working surface, or the camber angle should be no more than 120 degrees. The teeth are broken due to the excessive inclination. Also be careful not to swing the excavating arm to the left or right with a large resistance. This will cause the tooth and the tooth to be broken due to excessive force on the left and right. Because the mechanical design principle of most types of teeth does not consider the left and right forces. design.

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