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The bucket tooth pin removal should be cleaned

hits:2096    date:2019-10-04

  Whether it is after bucket tooth pin removal, or other mechanical parts for cleaning is an important part of the repair work. Cleaning methods and cleaning quality will have a significant impact on the accuracy of part identification, the quality of repairs, repair costs and service life. The cleaning of the parts includes the removal of oil, scale, carbon deposits, rust layers, and old paint.

bucket tooth pin

  Bucket tooth pin removal after the degreasing to remove oil on the parts, often using cleaning fluids, such as organic solvents, alkaline solutions, chemical cleaning solutions. The cleaning methods include scrubbing, dipping, spraying, gas phase cleaning, and ultrasonic cleaning. The cleaning methods are manual cleaning and mechanical cleaning. Rust removal: Corrosive materials on the surface of parts, such as the surface corrosion of steel parts, must be completely removed in order to ensure the quality of repairs in the repair of mechanical equipment. According to the specific situation, it is mainly used for mechanical, chemical and electrochemical methods.

  After bucket tooth pin removal, you can use mechanical methods to remove rust. Use mechanical friction, cutting, etc. to remove the rust layer on the surface of the part. Chemical derusting is also possible. Some acidic solutions are used to dissolve the oxides on the metal surface to achieve the purpose of rust removal. The process is: degreasing - water washing - descaling - water washing - neutralization - water washing - dehydrogenation. In order to ensure the rust removal effect, the solution is generally heated to a certain temperature, the time is strictly controlled, and a suitable formulation is adopted according to the material of the rust-removed part.

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