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Bucket tooth pin tool manufacturer introduces the tooth

hits:2078    date:2019-10-03

  Users who open excavators and loaders must have seen the situation of changing the teeth. Everyone must be curious about the role of the teeth. When you replace them, you will definitely want to buy what bucket tooth pin tool? Today, let’s talk about the teeth. In those cases, the tooth is an important part of the excavator, and its structure and function will affect the work of the excavator.

bucket tooth pin

  Bucket tooth pin tool manufacturer tells everyone about the structure and function of the teeth. The excavator tooth is the main vulnerable part of the excavator. It is similar to the human tooth. It is composed of the tooth holder and the tooth tip. The two are connected by the pin shaft. Because the tooth wear is invalid, the part is the tooth tip. The tip can be. The teeth of excavators are generally available in two configurations, direct and horizontal. The direct mounting type means that the pin shaft is mounted perpendicularly to the front surface of the digging tooth; the horizontal mounting type means that the pin shaft is mounted in parallel with the front surface of the digging tooth.

  Protecting the overall bucket, the tooth is a lossy part. Because the bucket wears a lot when shoveling dirt and stones, the bucket protects the bucket. So bucket tooth pin tool tell everyone that the excavator teeth are absolutely impossible. It can make the operation more delicate. We drove the excavator to draw the dragon on the ground. Imagine that the fine operation without the reference of the tooth can not be realized. Easy to dig and shovel. The tooth is conical and has a blank in the middle. The force of the whole bucket is small, the pressure is large, the pressure is increased, and it is easier to shovel and dig up things. After digging hard things, the buffering effect on the whole machine.

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