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Excavator segment bolt Factory introduces the manufacturing process of the tooth

hits:2300    date:2019-09-19

  Excavator segment bolt Manufacturers must have a full understanding of the excavator, especially the part of the tooth is very clear, know what the specific requirements of the tooth, but also very clear design and production of the tooth. Because as a manufacturer of accessory products, only the part of the main equipment, especially the parts that are manufactured by ourselves, can be fully understood to be able to do their own product design and production.

bucket tooth pin

  So excavator segment bolt production entrepreneurs must be aware of the process of the tooth, at least know that the process of the tooth generally has three types of sand casting, forging casting, precision casting. At the same time, many manufacturers are also very clear that the sand casting process has the lowest cost, the process level and the tooth quality are not as good as precision casting and forging casting. The forging and casting process has the highest cost and is the best in terms of process level and tooth quality. The precision casting process is moderately costly and the process level is relatively high, but the requirements for raw materials are very strict. Due to the ingredients, the wear resistance and quality of some precision casting teeth even exceed the forging and casting teeth. As far as the current industry situation is concerned, the manufacturing process of the tooth on the market is mainly based on precision casting.

  Relatively speaking, the full manufacturer who knows the manufacturing process of the tooth is more capable of optimizing the design and production of excavator segment bolt, and the quality of the manufactured parts will be better.

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