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Liebherr excavator lock pins For everyone to introduce the load loading method of the tooth

hits:2291    date:2019-09-16

  Liebherr excavator lock pins although it is only an accessory for excavators, it is not so easy to design and manufacture parts, which is a test of the manufacturer's professional ability. It is because of the excellent professional ability and the understanding of the excavator's situation, so the brand has such a high reputation, very good reputation, especially in the excavator lock pin products have shown great advantages. .

bucket tooth pin

  Because the relevant situation of the excavator is very well understood, liebherr excavator lock pins not only knows how to design and manufacture the excavator lock pin, how to optimize the production, reliably guarantee the product quality, and also understand the load loading mode of the tooth. For example, it knows that when the excavator teeth are working, the first meeting will contact the material at a certain speed. At this time, the impact force will be generated; then the material will wear on the eating surface under the action of its own gravity. This means that the excavator teeth should carry the combined effect of impact force and squeezing force. As the depth of the tooth insertion material increases, the load also increases, and the high compressive force load is reduced to zero when the bucket is turned over to load the material.

  In this way, liebherr excavator lock pins thinks that the excavator's tooth load is from small to large, and then from large to small.

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