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Caterpillar bucket teeth pins Recommendation is not a special case, do not use RC tooth

hits:2048    date:2019-09-14

  Caterpillar bucket teeth pins excellent performance in terms of quality and function, it is enough to show that the manufacturer is very good and is the leader in the industry. Manufacturers like this must be very clear about all aspects of the tooth, and have a good understanding of the various tooth-tooth accessories and the requirements for the teeth. Therefore, it can provide users with many professional and useful suggestions on the selection and use of the teeth and some accessories.

bucket tooth pin

  For example, caterpillar bucket teeth pins will remind everyone to pay attention, not special circumstances do not use RC tooth. This will be reminded, mainly because users often like Universal # in actual use, but there are certain problems with this kind of tooth. After a period of use, the front wears out, it becomes like a fist, causing the excavation resistance to increase, thus wasting power. However, flat teeth will not have such a problem. It can always maintain a seam in the wear of daily use, which can reduce the excavation resistance, thus saving fuel, optimizing performance and reducing operating costs. .

  Therefore, caterpillar bucket teeth pins recommend everyone, unless there is a special case to use RC tooth, otherwise it is best to use flat mouth teeth, which promotes the excavator to achieve excellent functional performance, to ensure stable function, the application of long-term reliability has a great role in promoting.

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