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China bucket tooth pin manufacturer knows the use of China's teeth

hits:2300    date:2019-09-11

  China bucket tooth pin manufacturer's products are applied to the teeth of excavators and are one of the important accessories for the teeth. They have a great influence on the use of the teeth and even the entire excavator. Because the parts are manufactured, the manufacturer needs to have a good understanding of the teeth, so that the specific requirements of the parts can be clearly defined, thus promoting the optimization of product design and production.

bucket tooth pin

  That is to say, China bucket tooth pin manufacturers must also fully understand the excavator teeth of China, for example, they must know the materials of the teeth. According to the understanding of these manufacturers, most of the excavator teeth in China still use high-manganese steel materials, and more high-manganese steel bucket teeth are sold on the market. That is to say, when the manufacturers manufacture the tooth, most of the raw materials used are high manganese steel.

  In addition, China bucket tooth pin manufacturers are also very aware that there are certain deficiencies in high-manganese steel materials, so it is necessary to optimize the relevant aspects when selecting such materials to make the teeth, and pay attention to the inadequacies of the materials to promote the wolf. And performance. For example, manufacturers need to further improve the wear resistance of high manganese steel to ensure that the made teeth are very wear-resistant and not easy to wear, so as to improve the economic benefits of the teeth.

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