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Excavator segment bolt Manufacturer tells the user the main points to pay attention to welding high manganese steel bucket teeth

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  As a excavator segment bolt manufacturer, there must be a certain understanding of the entire excavator equipment, especially knowing the application of the various structural parts of the excavator and the various accessories used therein. It is precisely because of these conditions that these manufacturers can tell users the important points to pay attention when welding high manganese steel teeth.

bucket tooth pin

  Excavator segment bolt manufacturers, it is considered that when welding such bucket teeth, it is necessary to reduce the precipitation of carbides and prevent the materials from losing toughness and become brittle. Measures should be taken to speed up the cooling rate. The most important thing to achieve this requirement is to shorten the residence time at high temperatures. To put it simply, it is required to use short-segment welding, intermittent welding, and bubble water welding when welding high manganese steel teeth.

  In addition, excavator segment bolt Manufacturers also reminded everyone that the tooth working face is in contact with the excavated material, and the force is different at different working stages in a complete excavation process. When working, the tip of the tooth will first contact the surface of the material. This time, because of the faster speed, the tip of the tooth will be subjected to a stronger impact. Therefore, we must ensure the quality of the teeth, and the quality and function of the entire excavator are well protected.

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