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Bucket tooth pin manufacturer Remind users to pay attention to optimize the selection of teeth

hits:2195    date:2019-09-09

  Bucket tooth pin manufacturer is a company specializing in the manufacture of equipment accessories used in excavators, but this is only a very small accessory. It is applied to the teeth of the excavator and directly affects the tooth part of the excavator. Because it is applied in the teeth, it reminds the user to optimize the selection of the teeth to promote the application of the device.

bucket tooth pin

  Bucket tooth pin manufacturer will remind users to optimize the choice of teeth, because the teeth are used under different working conditions, will be subject to varying degrees of wear and impact, resulting in different degrees, different forms of failure. Some poor quality teeth will only be used in normal working conditions for about 3 days, which is not desirable from an economic point of view or from a point of view. Once such a pool is used, not only the use of the excavator is delayed, but also the wear of components such as the tooth pin is increased, which is not conducive to the protection of the user's economic interests.

  Therefore, bucket tooth pin manufacturer will remind users to pay attention to the optimization of the selection of teeth, only to ensure that the application is applicable and has good quality, in order to achieve optimized assembly results, can achieve optimal use of the state, to protect the teeth and other accessories, The function of the entire excavator is guaranteed.

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