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Bofor bucket tooth pinManufacturer introduces problems with high manganese steel teeth

hits:2045    date:2019-09-08

  As a bofor bucket tooth pin manufacturer, since the charging device used in the tooth of the excavator is produced, it is necessary to have a full understanding of the tooth, especially the specific requirements for the various parts of the tooth. In order to promote the optimization of product design and production, the device manufactured is guaranteed to be of high quality and can fully meet the needs of use.

bucket tooth pin

  Because we know the teeth very well, bofor bucket tooth makers know that there are many applications of high manganese steel teeth, and we also know the problems of these teeth. Regarding the high manganese steel bucket teeth, the material is ZGMn13 (high manganese steel), which exhibits a single-phase austenite structure at high temperatures. Under the influence of materials and processes, the high manganese steel bucket teeth have good toughness and high wear resistance due to surface layer work hardening under impact load.

  As for the problem of high manganese steel bucket teeth, according to the understanding of Bofor bucket tooth manufacturing, it is mainly because of its poor weldability, mainly in two aspects: First, the precipitation of carbides in the heat affected zone Embrittlement; second, the weld produces hot cracks, especially in the near seam area.

  As the bofor bucket tooth manufacturer knows, high manganese steel bucket teeth have certain problems in weldability, so if the manufacturer is manufacturing such a tooth, it is necessary to pay attention to solve this problem.

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