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Protection wheel loader tooth pin Recommended as soon as possible before the tooth has worn out to the limit

hits:2156    date:2019-09-06

  Wheel loader tooth pin is an important device applied to the tooth part, even for the entire excavator, it also has a very important role, can not be abnormal, otherwise the use of the entire excavator will be adversely affected. So remind everyone to pay attention to optimize the application of the device and promote its excellent performance in the application.

bucket tooth pin

  If you want to optimize the application performance of wheel loader tooth pin, you need to do more efforts, such as reminding everyone to pay attention to the replacement before the teeth have worn out. Because if the tooth wears too much, it will start to damage the front working device, thus increasing the repair cost. In addition, when excavating mud and gravel or similar hard ground, it is also required that the teeth are sufficiently sharp to operate, and the work effect will be very good.

  That is to say, if the serious wear of the tooth is still in use, it will have some adverse effects on many of the devices used, and at the same time, it will reduce the work efficiency, and there will be a significant impact on wheel loader tooth pin. Therefore, if you want to protect the device and promote its excellent application performance, you need to pay attention to the early replacement of the tooth before the stomach wears to the limit.

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