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Caterpillar bucket teeth pins Remind users to choose the right type of tooth

hits:2132    date:2019-09-05

  Caterpillar bucket teeth pins not only the quality is very good, the design is also very optimized, so in the application, you can play a very good function, can be used for a long time, all aspects of application performance will be very good. This can fully explain the excellence of the brand, such excellent manufacturers must have a full understanding of all aspects of the excavator teeth.

bucket tooth pin

  Because I know the teeth of the excavator very well, caterpillar bucket teeth pins will remind the users to pay attention, we must choose the appropriate type of tooth, to ensure that the teeth are matched with the excavator, there is a good match between the two, can promote the real evil Excavators are in function and quality

  The performance of the teeth is directly related to the working environment, and the environment has some different requirements for the teeth.

  Therefore, caterpillar bucket teeth pins Remind users to pay attention to, according to the work environment and other aspects of the superior needs to determine the appropriate type of variety. Regarding the selection of the tooth, general excavation, weathered sand, surface coal, etc. should use flat head teeth. If it is a hard rock with a block shape, the block coal seam is generally used TL tooth, TL tooth can increase the coal yield rate.

  For many excavator users, in the selection of the teeth, we must like the caterpillar bucket teeth pins reminder, pay attention to choose the right type. Only by ensuring that the selection is made, there is a basic guarantee for the normal installation and use of the teeth.

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