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Bofor bucket tooth pin manufacturer introduces knowledge about tooth

hits:2199    date:2019-08-28

  The quality of the teeth is not only the focus of bofor bucket tooth pin makers, but also the focus of excavator buyers. Although the tooth is only part of the structure and composition of the excavator, its status is arguably the most important. Without it, the excavator is just a display.

bucket tooth pin

  Even if the bofor bucket tooth pin man does not say that most people know that the tooth is an important consumable part on the excavator. It is similar to a human tooth. It is a combination of a tooth holder and a tooth tip. Axis connection. This also shows that some of the characteristics of the teeth are sharp, but the long-term work will also wear out. However, the user needs to know that the tooth wear failure part is the tooth tip. If the tooth tip of the tooth wears out, just replace the tooth tip.

  Bofor bucket tooth pin manufacturer tells you that there are many categories of tooth teeth, which are determined by different environments and people's needs. According to the use environment and the tooth holder can be divided into different categories, of course, for the tooth, the manufacturer and brand of the production is also very important, because the brand is often not only known, its quality is also guaranteed. Therefore, in addition to understanding what kind of teeth you want to buy, users also need to pay attention to its brand when purchasing tooth.

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