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Bucket tooth pin manufacturer analyzes the cause of the broken teeth of the excavator

hits:2197    date:2019-08-25

  For excavators, buckets and bucket teeth are an extremely important part of it, so sometimes the performance of an excavator is judged. The most important reference is its teeth. However, anyone who has used excavators knows that the excavator teeth are often broken easily. Bucket tooth pin The manufacturer tells the user that the excavator teeth may break easily during work because of these reasons.

bucket tooth pin

  Bucket tooth pin manufacturers tell you that because the teeth are wearing parts, they are often prone to wear during use, so it is normal for the teeth to break easily. Many people encounter the phenomenon that the excavator breaks when they use it, and may not know what to do, but people who often use excavators know that this phenomenon is common.

  Bucket tooth pin Factory tells the user that the teeth of the excavator are broken, which is related to the working conditions, and of course has a relationship with the quality of the teeth. The excavator bucket shaft is always broken. First of all, it is necessary to eliminate the quality of the bucket shaft. During the working process, the butter is not played out. These points need to be clarified first, and then there is no smooth feeling when entering the bucket shaft. If there is, it may be that the bucket is not concentric or the head is deformed. Whether the fixed pin of the bucket is too large, and the shaft and the bucket are rubbed together to cause the shaft to break.

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