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Komatsu bucket teeth pins manufacturer tells the user why the tooth pin often falls off

hits:2089    date:2019-08-23

  Excavator is an indispensable vehicle in construction, but the excellent performance of the excavator is closely related to its bucket. why would you said this? Because the excavator is used to work, it is the huge "arm" and bucket in front of it. Of course, they are the two main players. One of the most important parts of the bucket is the tooth pin. But there are many different brands in the tooth pin, komatsu bucket teeth pins is one of them.

bucket tooth pin

  The quality of the production of toothed pins produced by different brands is also different. It is like other products, there are big brands, and of course there are some brands with poor quality. Komatsu bucket teeth pins The quality of the fork gear produced is the clearance, but not all brands can achieve this standard. Some other brands of bucket pin gears may cause the tooth pins to fall off due to poor quality and some other problems.

  When it comes to the tooth pin often falling off, bucket teeth pins manufacturers tell the user that there are two situations in which the tooth pin often falls off. The first is that the quality of the plug is not good, the quality of the plug itself is not good, and there are many reasons for the quality to be off, which requires the purchaser to pay attention to identification and selection when purchasing. Another possibility is that the bucket root should be grounded for the long-term use and work, so that you need to change a bucket.

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