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Bucket tooth pinManufacturer tells the user the difference between horizontal and vertical sales

hits:2241    date:2019-08-22

  Anyone who knows a certain part of the excavator knows that the part of the excavator has a bucket, and there is a component on the tremble called bucket tooth pin, which is a component of the bucket and a component that is absolutely indispensable. But it also has two different types, one is a vertical pin and the other is a cross pin. The two types of pin pins are also different.

bucket tooth pin

  Bucket tooth pinManufacturers tell you that in fact, almost 95% of excavators in foreign countries use ESCO's vertical pin screw teeth. Speaking of this kind of tooth, don't say anything else, the quality of this tooth is not discussed first, just say his design, 25-degree spiral vertical pin design, so that the tooth tip and the tooth base link are closer. Therefore, the gap in the middle is small, and the wear on the tooth pin is small.

  In addition to this kind of fighting, the bucket tooth pin makers tell you that there is another type of vertical pin tooth that is similar to the horizontal pin. They are similar in design and have similar performance. However, this design is not as durable as the cross-counting tooth, because this design is easy to wear the tooth pin, and the horizontal pin wears and does not fall off, the vertical pin will be detached, and the tooth tip will be separated from the tooth holder. What is different from them is the spiral vertical pin. The tooth of the spiral vertical pin has its advantages, and the efficiency of replacing the tooth tip is very fast. So whether it is vertical or horizontal, it is your own performance advantages.

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