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China bucket tooth pin Manufacturer analyzes the effect of manganese content on the performance of high manganese steel bucket teeth

hits:2238    date:2019-09-29

  As a China bucket tooth pin manufacturer, it must be fully understood about all aspects of the excavator, especially the use of various parts and components, and the professional ability is guaranteed to be able to do a good job in the design and production of the tooth-toothed pin to promote Produce quality products. After all, the products it manufactures are important parts of the excavator and ultimately need to be used in excavator equipment.

bucket tooth pin

  Because all aspects of the excavator, especially the various components in the structure, are well understood, China bucket tooth pin makers often know that many of the current excavator teeth are made of high-manganese steel, and even know the manganese content for high-manganese steel. The teeth have a great impact on performance.

  According to the China bucket tooth pin Manufacturer's understanding, for high manganese steel bucket teeth, when the manganese content is between 9% and 15%, it will not have a significant impact on the mechanical behavior of the teeth, but when the manganese content is When it is more than 12%, it will have a tendency to be warm and cold. This time, when quenching and heating, it shows that the austenite grains have some growth, which will eventually deteriorate the wear resistance of the steel.

  Therefore, the China bucket tooth pin manufacturer reminds the relevant manufacturers that when manufacturing high-manganese steel bucket teeth, it is necessary to pay attention to control the manganese content, so that the performance of the bucket teeth can be better guaranteed, and the manufacturing performance is excellent. The teeth.

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