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Excavator segment boltFactory analysis of the design and characteristics of wear-resistant teeth

hits:2092    date:2019-09-28

  Excavator segment bolt is an important component used in excavators. As a manufacturer engaged in the production of such components, it is not only necessary to have a full understanding of the components themselves, but also to understand the entire excavator. In this way, we can take into account all aspects of product design to ensure the ability to design and manufacture very high quality products.

bucket tooth pin

  Because the understanding of the entire excavator is very full, so excavator segment bolt manufacturers are sure to know the wear-resistant teeth, can analyze the design and characteristics of this type of tooth. According to the manufacturer's understanding, the wear-resistant teeth are generally designed with a short nose, and the tips can be used for maximum wear. The innovative shape keeps the tip of the tooth sharp and helps speed up the loading and the tooth has higher reliability. In addition, the unique design of the nose of the tooth has higher fatigue resistance, and the design of the pin is scientific, which can firmly lock the tip and the tooth holder, thus effectively reducing fuel consumption and maintenance requirements.

  Of course, it is not so important for the excavator segment boltmaker to understand the design and characteristics of the wear-resistant teeth. The key point is to clearly specify the specific requirements for the segment bolts to facilitate the optimization of product design and production, especially to ensure the structural design of the components. Very optimized, and pay attention to optimize the selection of materials and accurately control the size of the parts.

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