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Always check excavator segment bolt in use

hits:2160    date:2019-07-27

  For any mechanical equipment, it is not only the main structure is very important, the role played is very important, and the functions of each accessory parts are also very large. For example, for an excavator, excavator segment bolt is a very important component. Once this component has a problem, the use of the entire excavator will be adversely affected. To remind everyone and enough to check the accessories when using the excavator, to ensure that the accessories can be found in time.

bucket tooth pin

  The excavator has poor working conditions and vibration during operation, so the bolts of the working device, the pin shaft, the baffle, the roller, the body attachment, etc. are easily loosened. Therefore, in the instruction manual of the excavator, the user is required to pay attention to check excavator segment bolt at regular intervals to see if it is loose or damaged. The bolts are often tightened to ensure that the bolt status is always good and meets the requirements for use. In this way, the function of the entire excavator will have a better guarantee, and it is also conducive to promoting the safe application of the excavator.

  That is to say, it is necessary to maintain the excavator in a relatively good state of use, to promote its good performance in the application, to ensure the safety of the application of the excavator, and it is very necessary for the user to check frequently in use excavator segment bolt .

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