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How to avoid frequent replacement bucket tooth pin

hits:2269    date:2019-07-25

  Although in the entire excavator, bucket tooth pin is applied to the direct function of the tooth, it is more susceptible to damage, resulting in structural damage that needs to be replaced. However, if you use it properly, you can avoid frequent replacement of the device, thereby reducing the maintenance cost of the excavator and promoting the maintenance of its own interests.


tooth pin

  So how do users need to do it in order to avoid frequent replacement bucket tooth pin? The most basic thing is to take the user's attention into this when purchasing the device at the beginning. Try to choose a device that is very good in quality and has a great advantage in life. In this way, when the device itself has excellent quality and can be applied for a long time, it is naturally more prolonged and avoids frequent replacement.

  Secondly, we need everyone to apply the bucket tooth pin in the application, pay attention to provide good environmental conditions, carefully operate the excavator and so on to protect the device. For example, to avoid the device being placed in a too harsh environment, the placement of the device due to strong impact, corrosion, etc., requires replacement.

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