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Pay attention to the protection during use bucket tooth pin

hits:2235    date:2019-07-24

  Because it is a spare part used in the tooth, and the tooth is the most mundane in the excavator, it is the most important part of the contact with the harsh environment, so bucket tooth pin is more likely to be damaged in the application. For such a device, the user must be careful to use it, pay attention to the protection, in order to prolong the service life and promote the long-term application of the device.


tooth pin

  If the user can protect bucket tooth pin in use and avoid unnecessary damage, the number of times of replacing the device can be reduced. This will not only replace the new equipment, but also reduce the maintenance and repair costs of the excavator. It can also avoid the need to replace the device due to damage, delay the use of the excavator, and bring some losses in construction.

  That is to say, bucket tooth pin protected in use is beneficial to the maintenance of the user's interests, so it is recommended that users do so. In order to protect the device in use, the most basic thing is to require the user to pay attention to the installation of the device to promote optimal installation. Secondly, the user needs to pay attention to checking frequently during use, and eliminating bad conditions in time to reduce device loss.

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