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Change the shape of the teeth pin to increase its total use life

hits:2932    date:2015-10-24

  To saving production costs, all of the people all want their caterpillar bucket teeth pins can be used for a longer use life, so to meet up with customer’ needs, production manufacturers has figure out some new methods to developing the total use life of the caterpillar bucket teeth pins products. After several different tests and actual using, production manufactures has find that the most efficient and easy way to improve the total use life of the caterpillar bucket teeth pins product is to change its original and traditional construction shape.

  The reason is because with the developing of the finite technical, the surface shape of the caterpillar bucket teeth pins had been designed with a tend to be perfect situation, but there still has some parts, which need to improved. For example, the other type of the caterpillar bucket teeth pins is the combined teeth pin products, it is makes up by the teeth top and teeth bracket, and use the pin to connect these two parts into a whole unit.

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