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During the squeeze casting period can produce some air hole

hits:3050    date:2015-10-20

  If you find on the surface of the ESCO bucket tooth pin has some air holes, then we can confirm that it is formed during the squeeze casting period, but writer attention that these air holes would never influence the property of the ESCO bucket tooth pin, so people can free to choose these ESCO bucket tooth pin products. The reason cause the air holes happen is because when the pressure head pushing the metal liquid to move to the top position, then in the gate position, it would form a bend with ninety degree, so the metal liquid can flow into the inside of the mold and produced into the casting working piece.

  During the metal liquid exist in the liquid, the ESCO bucket tooth pin production manufacturer attention that because some of air can’t be discharge in time, so they had been involved into the metal liquid and floating together with the metal liquid.

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