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Adjust the pouring height into the suitable range

hits:3213    date:2015-10-18

  To ensure the pouring result is very perfect, the bucket tooth pin production manufacturer attention that people need to according to the current pouring situation to adjust the pouring height into the suitable range, for example, the best method is to reduce the upper mold height and the pouring cup height, bucket tooth pin supplier said the main role is to reduce the pressure of the metal liquid, the static pressure and the heating impact power of the casting mold.

  To all of the casting bucket tooth pin, even though the thickness of their wall are not very thick, but they also need to ensure the pouring temperature is very high, because the higher pouring temperature can guarantee the longer heating effect time of the metal liquid and the mold cavity surface, so during the pouring period, if the stress of the metal liquid and mold cavity is suitable, then it can provide a good condition to gain the goal of mechanical permeate sand.

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