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Working in the different iron mine, the use life of the bucket tooth pin also different

hits:3188    date:2015-10-10

  As we know, in the SICHUANG province, the common mine is the iron mine and the titanium iron mine, we also know the other truth is that the hardness of these digging iron and titanium iron mine are very low, they are only range from eight to ten, so China bucket tooth pin production manufacture attention that this factor has provide the basic protection to ensure the total use life of the China bucket tooth pin would above fifty days. Besides, if the total weight of the iron mine is very small and the cleaning foundation works would never beyond five percents to the whole working times, then the total use life of the China bucket tooth pin can be extended too.

  For example, if the China bucket tooth pin working at this working situation, then its shortest use life is around fifty days and the longest use life can be sixty five days, so the total working outputs of this China bucket tooth pin can be twenty five tons to thirty tons mine.

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