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Bucket tooth pin had to suffer the big loads

hits:3497    date:2015-10-08

  bucket tooth pin manufacturer attention that all of the mine mountains, which exist in our country land, their mine rock conditions all very complex, such as that the hardness of the mine rocks can be range with a very big range, for example, the hardness of the iron mine rocks can be range from ten to twenty, and hardness of the rock can be range from ten to eighteen, so bucket tooth pin manufacturer attention that if the efficiency of the mine rock is very high, then the working loads of the bucket tooth pin would be increased too.

  So bucket tooth pin manufacturer said compared with the hydraulic digger machine, the total suffer loads, which had been suffered by the mechanical digger machine’ bucket tooth pin is higher, especially of the impact loads. So under this using situation, the bucket tooth pin manufacturer need pay more attention on the requirements of the raw materials and construction requirements of the bucket tooth pin.

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