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Welding the Bofor bucket tooth pin to meet up with the works needs

hits:3218    date:2015-10-05

  To ensure the Bofor bucket tooth pin can be widely used in any working conditions and can meet up with any working needs, the production manufacturers can provide the welding process on the surface of the Bofor bucket tooth pin, so after the welding process, we can find that the bucket tooth pin can fully meet up with any kinds production technical requirements, so it would be more easily to use and operating.

  Besides, after the welding process, the Bofor bucket tooth pin would be closed connect with the bucket body, because without no gap, so the resistance abrasion ability of the Bofor bucket tooth pin would be improved too. Sometimes, we also can choose the welding method to recovery the surface damages of the bucket tooth pin to ensure the old bucket tooth pin can be recycle use, such as the recovery the abrasion damage or coating a resistance abrasion layer on tooth pin products’ surface.

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