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Three difference reasons cause the teeth pin had break off

hits:3057    date:2015-10-04

  If we use the digger machine in some mine working condition or use the digger machine to discharge the soil, but after the digger machine had been used for a curtain time, the komatsu bucket teeth pins would easy to break off with the frequently way, so it would not only influence the total finish time of the production task, but also increased the total production costs at the same time. So according to this phenomenon, as the professional komatsu bucket teeth pins production manufactures has fully analysis the main reason why the teeth pin break off and share the solve methods to the common people.

  Generally speaking, there are three different reasons, which can cause the komatsu bucket teeth pins has the break off problem, the first reason is the komatsu bucket teeth pins can’t match up with the digger machine; the second reason is because the hardness of the mine stone is too big and the last reason is because the operating method is not very professional.

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