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the excavator bucket tooth included angle can’t be too big or small

hits:2381    date:2018-10-09

All of the professional excavator bucket pins and bushings manufacturing enterprises and manufacturers should reasonable design the finished excavator bucket tooth and bucket tooth angle, for example, if the excavator bucket is designed and produced with too large angle degree, the final bending impact stress force would be increased as well, which would lead to breakage off phenomenon for entirety excavator bucket tooth.

But if the excavator bucket tooth is designed and produced with too small angle degree, which would causes the relative movement between excavator bucket tooth and friction surface, but lead to wear out failure problem.

So when design the excavator bucket tooth, all of the professional excavator bucket pins and bushings production supplier should fully take account of the excavator operating places to provide the relative design to finished excavator bucket tooth, and adjust the angle of excavator bucket tooth to best state, which would not only reduce the total energy consume to excavator machine, but also reduce the wear damage hurt to excavator bucket tooth.

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