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The relation ship between wear out failure mechanism and manufacturing material and working conditions state

hits:2418    date:2018-10-09

As general, there maintain the certain relation ship between the wear out failure mechanism of finished excavator bucket pins and bushings and its manufacturing material and working conditions state, such as the cutting mechanism and fatigue flake mechanism.

But professional excavator bucket pins and bushings production supplier confess the cutting mechanism has play the more important role and play the main leading position during the entirety wear out failure process for entirety excavate bucket, which is equal and above seventy percent.

But as long as the manufacturing hardness degree of excavator bucket is higher and higher, professional excavator bucket pins and bushings production supplier said the total influence effect of fatigue flake mechanism would be reduced, which can be range from twenty to thirty percent, but when the manufacturing materials harden degree is achieve to upper limit, its brittle feature would be raise up at the same time, which would easily lead to brittleness breakage to entirety excavator bucket pins and bushings, so the harden degree of finished excavator bucket must be suitable, which should never too high or too low anymore.

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